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  1. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Handmade custom leather owb holsters. I know, it's leather, but if that's what you're looking for, I make them. Now making 5" pdp. Can do custom tooling to include your initials, logo or design. Traditional thumb breaks available. @row10leather on instagram
    $140 USD
  2. PDP
    Any news on the PDP 5" barrels being out of spec (too short) and getting "re-manufactured" to match 127mm? I'm one of those persons who paid for a PDP 5" mid July 2021 and haven't received it yet as our sport shooting regulations won't accept a weapon with a total length less than 21cm. I don't...
  3. PDP
    I had the opportunity to take a 5" PDP Full-Size to the range. The last 5" gun I owned was a Springfield 1911, but I traded that in for a PPQ. The 5" PDP did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the longer slide on this pistol. I also like the extra energy from a longer barrel. I only put 100...
1-3 of 3 Results