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  1. PPQ .22 LR Small Parts - Where to buy?

    I hope I am getting this thread in the right place... I am going nuts. Unfortunately I had to disassemble my PPQ Target .22LR and the sear spring (part 14 in the exploded parts diagram) has gone missing. I tried calling and emailing the Walther general customer service number and got no...
  2. PPQ M2-10k rounds, parts to replace?

    I just passed the 10k round mark through my 18 month old PPQ M2 4". I love this gun. I carry it concealed (or my PPS M2) and I shoot USPSA with it. Although I've had basically no problems with it, considering the round count and that I don't want any surprises during a match (or even worse, a...
  3. Walther Model 9 Type II - Grip Screws

    The Classics
    Hi, I just purchased aftermarket replacement grips for my little Model 9 Type II. I realized when putting it back together I have somehow lost one of the grip screws. I still have the rosettes, and one of the screws. Is there a standard replacement available somewhere online? I'm not as...
  4. Waffenbrik Walthers Zella Mehlis 22 Kal.

    Walther Rifles
    Hello Forum: I was given a Waffenbrik Walthers Zella Mehlis (Thur) 22 Kal.(sic) bolt action rifle. My grandfather brought home after WWII. It is clearly engineered to the highest standard. The action is precise and the stock is beautiful. It is missing a magazine. I have shot it as a single...
  5. Finding Parts

    Hey all, I am brand new to this forum. I purchased a used Walther PK380 from an individual and I am already starting to regret it. It appears there is a problem with the ejector pin that it wobbles and will not eject rounds (I've tried all the typical troubleshooting ideas; different ammo...
  6. Walther G22

    New Member Welcome Center
    I'm looking for parts and schematic for the Walther G22 rifle. I thought I might find some help here. I disassembled my G22 for the first time today. Launched the magazine disconnect safety spring into the nether-reaches. Need a new one. Had to take gun farther apart than owners manual...
  7. G22 Parts

    Walther Rimfire & CO2 Pistols
    Walther America seems to be out of part for next few months. Anyone else know of a place that might have parts for the weapon? Thanks Robert
  8. Hammer release size for PP

    PP and TP Series
    Moderator Note: This discussion combines two threads on the same subject that were running at the same time. I merged the two hoping they would make sense... Milspec :D . ______________________________________ I am trying to find a "hammer release" for a pre war PP (I think 1939 vintage)...
  9. PPQ parts unavailable?

    Hi folks, I had no luck calling in to S&W and Earl's Repair Service about getting a spare safety plunger/firing pin block and trigger bar/assembly. S&W said the parts were not able to be ordered and they couldn't speculate if the parts ever would be available. Since I'm new to Walther, I...
  10. Trigger won't engage!?

    I've recently purchased the Walther PPQ 9mm. I removed the slide, per instructions, as basically how all other polymer weapons are, did quick cleaning and reassembled. When I went to dry fire test, nothing happened. The firing pin mechanism was cocked and ready, yet when I pulled the trigger...
  11. Model 4 Hammer

    The Classics
    I have a Walther Model 4 that I would like to plink with some but also be able to conceal carry. However, the hammer on it was broken and was repaired by putting a screw in it by the owner before me, which no longer works. I've been looking all over the internet, tried Numrich, Gunbroker, even...
  12. Best Place To Get PPQ Parts

    I'm specifically looking to sub the threaded 1st edition barrel w/ the regular stock one so I don't have it sticking out of the gun on a regular basis. I looked on Earls and got the part number, but have been unable to find any place that sells / lists prices for Walther parts. Is this an...