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  1. PPQ 45 Paddle Release Interest Request

    I love that Walther has added a .45 ACP PPQ, but I really want a paddle version of it. In this video: https://youtu.be/JFtoRFRBrMM He state's they are thinking about a doing paddle version, BUT they need to see the demand from the customers. Here's the link to contact them. Let them know you'd...
  2. I'm warming up to my PPS- day 3

    As some of you know from my other posts, I bought my first Walther, a PPS, a few days ago and I've been warming up to it ever since. I'm starting to get used to the trigger and ergos, but I'm curious about one thing. I don't seem to feel comfortable using my thumb or index finger to activate...
  3. Walther, Please Don't Abandon Us!!

    Before I bought my first handgun, I fired a dozen different pistols. I decided to buy a PPQ (M1). While the grip was a bit too big for me, it was that amazing trigger that hooked me hard. I instantly became a trigger snob, shunning Glocks and M&Ps alike (even with an Apex trigger mod). Since...