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  1. WTS: P99c AS 9mm + Extras

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Looking to sell my Walther P99c AS in 9mm plus (4) 10 round mags. Will include everything it originally was shipped with, case, lock, test round, target, etc. All mags have the pinky extension and are genuine Walther Mags purchased from Earls. I will also include a IWB holster. The gun has...
  2. New p99as first day at the range strangeness

    Pick it up this morning. 2nd hand from a guy at the gun shop. 200 rounds throught it no problems. I shoot a clip. Nice. Wife shots a clip jams every other round. I shot another clip fine. Repeat a couple times. I'm watching her. Other than inexperience nothing I can see. Obviously not the gun...