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  1. P88
    Hi. I recently inherited a P88 in mint condition, but I live in California and therefore need to find a 10-round magazine clip. :mad: I searched online and couldn't find any other than make a mod myself. I have no such skills and would rather buy one instead. The guy at my gun range said he...
  2. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Excellent Condition. P88 9mm x 19 serial number 002408 with original box and original papers. Also has fire target paper, two mags (empty). Very little noticeable wear, fired very little excellent condition. It was fired very little. Selling because I am changing out my gun collection, look for...
  3. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I am considering selling these firearms. Since i've already sold several, I am not desperate to sell what is left. Make a friendly offer, but if its too low, I may hold on to it. Also, I'll consider trading the TPH for a walther or manhurin PP in 22lr. 1. Black walther P99c (QA) in 9mm ***...
1-3 of 3 Results