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p5 compact

  1. My two P5 Compact pistols

    These are my two P5 compact pistols. The one with wood grips is my latest acquisition. It came witha box and test target for another piatol, but serial number is not far off from the other, later model with plastic grips....which remains one of my best shooters. I hope you like them!
  2. WTB: Walther P5 Compact

    Want To Buy
    As the title suggest, I want to buy a Walther P5 Compact. I also have several items up for trade if your interested in that as well. Thank you! :)
  3. WTB: Walther P5 Compact

    Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a P5 Compact in good condition. Bluing intact without holster wear.
  4. WTB P5 C

    Want To Buy
    Seeking compact P5 in condition anywhere from good to NIB, will pay appropriate market price. Thanks [email protected] or private message
  5. Like New P5C For Sale

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have a Mint Condition P5c in the Original box with Original manual, Target from the factory and two mags, one of which is in the original pkg. Looking to Sell. Imported by InterArms Alexandria, VA. No Scuffs, No Scratches, No Wear. Currently Asking $1300. Please contact me for any other...