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  1. WTB: P38/P1 barrel in 7.65 cal

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    Hi from Texas :)... I am looking for a barrel for my post war p38... the caliber is 7.65... any advise? thanks...
  2. Man from UNCLE P38K

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    "I SPY" P38K PROJECT Hi, I'm new to this forum and want to ask for your comments regarding a project I have in mind. The goal is to build a P38K in hard-chrome. Should I start with a P38 or a P1? Recommendations as to who can properly shorten the barrel and add front sight? Recommendations...
  3. P38K

    The Classics
    I bought a P38K in 1987 from a collector friend. I used it for home protection and we would target shoot in WV. It is used but in very good condition. I have had a difficult time finding any sales history and what I have found varies greatly from price to the number produced. I know it has...
  4. New Member from Maryland

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    Hi, I'm a veteran from the 80's and was a big fan of both Walther and H&K back in the day. I bought a Walther from a collector friend in 1987. It is a P38K. I bought it for home protection. I've researched periodically over the years and the price did not increase for quite a while and now seems...
  5. Greetings From Northern California-"Blessings of The Walther Upon You!"

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    Finally!! A forum that gets it! I`m glad to have found this Library of Alexandria-esque forum/community by Walther fans for Walther fans! My solo Walther pistol :( is also the first handgun I purchased and owned(ca. August,1984)...and I still get that Gun Love feelin` from Miss W." Interarms...
  6. my latest addition: early P38-k

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    Hello, Last week I received this early P38k. Serial number is 500035 (so its the 35th P38k produced). The gun is from 1974 and the letter "K" in P38k is stamped by hand. The frame doesn't have the famous hex-pin. It has a adjustable front and rear sight. The sights are painted with a...