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  1. P38 with 666Z stamp help

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    I have done as much research as i can for this gun. i know it is was manufactured in NOV 1943 in Spreewerk. It appears to be all matching, but when i removed the grips i found a stamp that doesnt make sense to me. https://imgur.com/a/ouktlV6 Any idea what this is? Does it have meaning, or did...
  2. AC41 build matching slide and barrel: firing pin protrusion depth?

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    I bought an AC41 var 2 recently to complete a frankengun I had been building, and ran into a bit of trouble. After cleaning and re-assembling the slide and barrel, I actuated the firing pin to measure protrusion from the bolt face on simulated firing, and found that it wouldn't even pass beyond...
  3. 1968 P38 Constant Fail To Extract After Thorough Cleaning

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    I recently acquired a P38 manufactured in 1968. From the very beginning, it had frequent fail to extract problems. After I read through posts in this forum, I disassembled the P38 slide completely, and cleaned everything thoroughly, especially the extractor. However, the P38 still have the same...
  4. FS: P38 Holsters

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    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]For Sale: Sorry wrong place Please delete
  5. Walther P38 frame wear

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    Hello, I own a post war Walther P38 made in 5/60 and I like to shoot it. I shoot all my guns an this one is no exception. I've put exactly 1215 rounds through it since I bought it. I've inspected it just after I purchased it and it had no signs of frame wear. The surface that interacts...
  6. Mauser P.08 and P.38 - 1942

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    Just posted a new article on our web site with some background on the first of the Mauser made P.38s. Here is the link: https://www.rjkventures.com/blogs/guns/mauser-p-08-and-p-38-1942
  7. P38 Grips: Best Reproduction?

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    Hello! I have a post war P1 Style grips on my P38 and looking to finally swap them out for wartime a bakelite style. Looking at using the gun for reenacting a little bit and thought reproduction grips would be a better choice. There seems to be a lot of them available from different companies...
  8. Firing pin cover

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    Hi there, New member to the forum. I have a Spreewerke P38 that had the firing pin cover blow off in pieces while firing it. I also lost my rear sight somewhere in the mud and presume it to be gone forever. My question is this, does anyone know where I can find original parts? Particularly in...
  9. Need help finding spring

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    I recently bought a
  10. P38 Trigger & Safety Question

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    I just got my first P38 this past weekend, an AC42, all matching numbers except the magazine, it didn't have a serial number, it has a little pitting along the slide on the right side & at the muzzle, brown grips in great shape, no cracking or chips & no import markings anywhere. The inside was...
  11. P38 Marking Identification

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    Hello Im trying to identify the marking on the trigger guard on my pistol. The first picture should be to one i'm talking about. I have identified most of the rest of the markings on the gun but I haven't seen this marking referenced anywhere. This P38 is made by Walther (CA) in 1943...
  12. Newbie Who Is NOT Gun Savvy Needs Help On P38

    FAQ: The Classics
    I got this gun from my uncle who fought in WW2. He has since passed away. The story was that he took it off of a German soldier. I would just like opinions on what shape you would say it is in. Does it look like it could fire a bullet and if so what kind of ammo does it take? I am totally new...
  13. Can anyone I.D. this Antique Holster?

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    Hey everyone, Can anyone identify this holster? I have been told it is a Walther holster but there seem to be no markings identifying it as such. I can't make out the words stamped on the inside, but the date seems to be 1968? Do you guys think it's a police or military issue? Any info would be...
  14. Help please- missing P38 markings WWII

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    I am in the process of buying a wwII era P38 for around $800 on layaway. It is my first Walther and I'm not sure if I paid too much (am paying too much). I noticed after the fact that it's missing inspection stamps on the right side of the slide. I haven't field stripped it so I don't know about...
  15. Walther P38 AC45

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    Hello my name is Bryce, and I was recently handed down my Great Uncle's p38 ac45. It was just the frame and magazine though. The frame has the eagle over 359 on the side and no serial number. I'm looking to restore the gun back to its original state so it can finally again be in my family fully...
  16. WWII Walther P38 Question

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    WWII Walther P38 W/ Holster Question Good Evening, I am new to this forum. I received a Walther P38 from a close friend who was a WW2 vet and recently passed away, it came with two magazines as well as a holster with a skull and crossbones pin on it. It seems to be in very good condition. I...
  17. P.38 Help with ID and history

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    From the serial number and markings, what can be learned about this P-38 war trophy? My father brought this back in 1945 and it has been in our family ever since. Markings include: "bYf44" Serial Number: "4993" matching Images: Eagle of an F underneath; Eagle with an N underneath Other proof...
  18. BYF 44 Question

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    Hey guys, new to the group and the Walther game. i work at a gun shop part time in AK and we had a huge collection of Lugers and P38s come in the other day. needless to say i jumped and bought both from my boss. my question is about my P38, it has all matching parts and the Serial Number is in...
  19. What's the extra V marking on this P38?

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    the serial # and K are pretty obvious but with my limited knowledge i am not sure what the V represents?
  20. Steel-cased ammo in a P1/P38 (1960 P38)

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    i wanted to get some cheap target ammo for my walther p38 the guns in good condition, i got a cheap box of 1000 Rounds of Bulk 9mm Ammo by Tula - 115gr FMJ this stuff except it was a box of 100, not that that matters but yeah. i read that walther p38s can not take too well to steel cased ammo...