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  1. P22
    Please tell me why there are no holsters available for the P22Q?!?!?!? No...I don't want a Fobus or Blackhawk. I would LOVE a Safariland ALS to match my Glock.... or I would LOVE a Blade Tech Signature holster... WHY........is this SOOOO hard!!!! (yes I know how to use google) TIA, dc
  2. P22
    Hi Everyone, new here. I was always a 1911 .45 owner/user. Then my thumb was injured (permanently). Recently my husband bought me a super cute lil' ole P22Q and I love the feel of it. Began loading the ammo into the 10-round magazine that came with the gun and I realized it looks all...
  3. P22
    The walther P22Q IL has a built in laser. If you are thinking of installing the 5" Target kit to it then watch the following video. Watch "Walther P22Q IL Target" on YouTube - Walther P22Q IL Target:
  4. P22
    Ok, this is my second post of all time and I've got my flame suit on so flame me if I deserve it. Here goes. I watched a YouTube of guy giving instructions on cleaning a P22. At one point he said to wash it, as in immersed and scrubbed, in a solution of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Afterwards, blow...
1-4 of 4 Results