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  1. P22
    I bought 200 rounds of Herter’s Target at Cabela’s. I have had great luck with my P22Q WTH the very rare misfeed until I used these. Every magazine had at least one, if not several misdeeds or eject failures. At least 10% cased issues.
  2. P22
    I inherited a p22, about three weeks ago. It was built in 2007 and was never shot. The owner fell ill and was never able to shoot it. It was very wet, in the original package with all the sights, wrench and spring pilot, when i received it. It is a new 2007. Since then I have yet to find the...
  3. P22
    Hi, I have been reading on here where people are advising against changing the recoil spring length on P22s because they are engineered correctly and feeding issues are likely ammunition issues. While my P22 recoils and operates just fine with many brands of ammunition, when I put the suppressor...
  4. P22
    I bought my first gun myself.At my local Gun show.. I told him it was for self defense. He said the p22 long rifle was perfect for that. I took my conceal carry class and my instructor didn't approve of my choice of weapon. I see why now looking up if it will stop an attacker ?? my husband...
  5. P22
    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, but have already seen some very interesting topics. Thanks everyone for contributing. I bought a P22 for my wife and am currently looking for a P22 Military Camo edition. I've called a few shops around North Texas and no one has seen it. Can anyone help me...
  6. Want To Buy
    Saw a P22 at the range last week with the extended barrel. #512506 Barrel Set TGT 5IN P22 Q 512506
  7. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Ordered this online before I got my p22q, thinking it would work. Got it from SWFA, and it only fits first gen p22's. Ended up having to get a new one which has a shorter neck to thread on to barrel on the p22q. The older p22's need a longer neck. I have it boxed, 15 bucks shipped lower 48. I...
  8. P22
    Brand new P22CA, factory mags. With Winchester ammo 50% of rounds wouldn't eject. With CCI Minimag knock-off from range, 10-20% of rounds wouldn't eject. Spent casing is firmly stuck in place, need to use a barrel rod or my finger nail to pop out brass. Could be the gun just needs to be...
  9. P22
    So my husband just bought a Walther P22Q, it is brand new. We finally got a chance to take it to the range and it keeps jamming on him. We are using the Remington bullets, which is what the dealer recommended. At the same time my husband bought the Walther, I bought the new S&W Shield 380EZ...
  10. P22
    We were at the range for the first time tonight and after successfully shooting about 100 rounds, my wife's P22 started misfiring. I'd cock it and then shoot a round. After a bit longer it quit firing altogether. The gun does everything it should do, except just a "click" instead of firing a...
  11. P22
    Hello! I was hoping somebody could tell me what the internal dimensions are for the P22 Target's compensator. In other words, how wide is the opening through which the barrel and barrel-sleeve pass? Thanks! Mike
  12. P22
    Hello! Is there a difference in quality between having the black slide and the nickel slide, or is just a preference of looks?
  13. PPQ
    After cleaning my P22 and PPQ 9mm, I found a small black round bushing or spacer lying on my cleaning mat. It's approx 1/8 in diameter by 1/16 inch wide. No idea where it came from and couldn't see anywhere it might have come from on either pistol. Any ideas out there?
  14. P22
    Hi im puraching my first walther firearm today.. or atleast i would like to.. im looking to buy the walther p22 .22lr 5" because its a beautiful looking gun and i love to plink and i hear good things. My only issue it trying to find the best price. my dealer chargers i belive $65 usd and $15nix...
  15. PPQ
    So, when I search this site for the term 'P22' i get zero results(?). I think that is odd that there is not one single mention of that gun in these forums. I am looking to buy a .22. Pretty much everything I have read so far indicates that the PPQ is superior to the P22 in a lot of different...
  16. P22
    So I just unboxed my brand new p22 took it to the range and it consistently put rounds 2 or so inches to the left. Anyone else have this problem? advice?
  17. P22
    Hi all, Just a question, I'm very interested in picking up a P22 but would like versatility in whether I am carrying it or just shooting at the range. I can't seem to find much info in regards to whether I can buy the 3.4 inch barrel model and then purchase the parts to make it into the 5...
  18. P22
    This can't be correct, reference the pix below I have a new P22 (100 rounds through it) and had to keep adjusting the rear sight to get on the target and fine tuning. The rear sight is way to the right! I've emailed Walther but have not received a reply. I checked assembly, made sure barrel...
  19. P22
    Hi. I'm new to the forum & am hoping that someone here may be able to help me locate a replacement slide for my p22? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -
  20. P22
    Just picked up our new P22 -- with Walther laser -- yesterday from our LGS. The difference in price without the laser was about $30, and since the laser is removable, we opted for it. I like the features being similar to the P99 and PPS we already are familiar with. Yes, the gun was shipped...
1-20 of 37 Results