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  1. P22
    So I just unboxed my brand new p22 took it to the range and it consistently put rounds 2 or so inches to the left. Anyone else have this problem? advice?
  2. P22
    I bought a Walther p22 (stamped Walther on one side and Smith & Wessen) on the other. It has only been fired maybe twenty times. I have tried six different ammos and it appears the firing pin does not strike the rim with sufficient fource. Right now it is only good to throw at something or a...
  3. P22
    hey guys i just bought my p22 and right out of the gate i had problems. when i load a full mag in it slides in great but after the first shot the slide dosent catch the next round. it slides right back in but with out the next bullet need help
1-3 of 3 Results