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p22 barrel
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  1. Want To Buy
    Anyone have a new/used in good condition P22 3.4" barrel they wouldnt mind parting with for a reasonable price?
  2. P22
    Hello Walther Forum, I purchased a new CA compliant Walther P22 3.5" pistol yesterday from Cabelas. During my initial disassembly and cleaning, I noticed a ring in the barrel bore approximately where the barrel nut meets the barrel sleeve (see pictures). My questions: -Has anyone seen this...
  3. P22
    Hey P22 fans have a question for you all my P22 barrel currently in my gun is some how fouled the round does not drop in it stops about half way in i have a new spare barrel and same round drops straight in and falls out when turned upside down. I have inspected barrel visually cannot see any...
1-3 of 3 Results