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  1. FAQ: Walther General Discussion
    I would like to determine the date and history of my P-38 # 21124 thanks first time here Dave
  2. The Classics
    From the serial number and markings, what can be learned about this P-38 war trophy? My father brought this back in 1945 and it has been in our family ever since. Markings include: "bYf44" Serial Number: "4993" matching Images: Eagle of an F underneath; Eagle with an N underneath Other proof...
  3. The Classics
    I just put in a new Wolff 16# and the DA pull got a lot worse. Apparently, my original spring wasn't the standard 20#? I don't understand how anyone could keep their aim straight either way. I'm thinking of buying a 13#, but i wanted to hear about your experiences first. I've found surprisingly...
  4. The Classics
    So i've had this aluminum-frame P-38 for some years, and i've always disliked the contrast between the frame and the slide-assembly. It was also quite worn-out externally, and i've long considered painting it (and various other guns), if only i'd get set up to do so. A couple months back, a...
  5. The Classics
    I have a problem disassembling my P-38. This Sunday, a friend is going to teach me to ceracoat, and to this end, i've chosen my aluminum-frame P-38. I've disassembled it as far as i could with some help from The Peruano's slide disassembly video and Tanfoglio's pictures, but i can't get the...
  6. The Classics
    Hi, this is my first thread. I recently picked up a P-38 Marked CYQ (spreewerks) and it's S/N is 7219L (I think Feb 1944). The slide has about 20% bluing on it and the frame has about 85% bluing on it, everything on the inside looks almost new as if the gun was carried allot but almost never...
  7. The Classics
    My 1973 Polizei P-38 recently developed a problem where the slide sticks in the aft (rearward) position (with no magazine in). I am forced to push the slide forward with a slight nudge from my palm. It is clean and well lubricated. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might fix this problem?
  8. The Classics
    Hope this is a reasonable place to post this. I've been a Walther fan since I was a teenager. My first handgun was an Interarms P-38 that I bought new in the early 70's. It was soon followed by a WWII AC41 and others. I've regrettably sold a few over the years as I was a Luger collector for...
1-8 of 8 Results