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  1. Need help finding spring

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    I recently bought a
  2. My Small Collection

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    Hope this is a reasonable place to post this. I've been a Walther fan since I was a teenager. My first handgun was an Interarms P-38 that I bought new in the early 70's. It was soon followed by a WWII AC41 and others. I've regrettably sold a few over the years as I was a Luger collector for...
  3. Greetings From Northern California-"Blessings of The Walther Upon You!"

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    Finally!! A forum that gets it! I`m glad to have found this Library of Alexandria-esque forum/community by Walther fans for Walther fans! My solo Walther pistol :( is also the first handgun I purchased and owned(ca. August,1984)...and I still get that Gun Love feelin` from Miss W." Interarms...