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  1. P99 OD Green

    Gen 1 P99 OD Green 9mm
  2. P99
    Picked up these two fine examples of 9mm 1st Gen P99's last week. The Titanium Coated date code AD, import marked Smith & Wesson Springfield, MA and the OD Green date code AA, import marked Walther USA LLC Springfield, MA. I am happy to be the forever home for these unwanted P99's. Feel free...
  3. PPS
    Hi! I am a Walther man, I have lots of models, multiples even of each and I’ve been looking for an original factory OD green PPS M1 with the euro paddle mag drop for probably 7-8 years. The ones that have come up online I just missed out on. I’ve never been able to find one in person. Is anyone...
  4. PPS
    Hello All! I have been a Walther Fan for years, but I am new to the forum. I have been searching for some time trying to locate production numbers on the PPS with the OD Green frame, box is marked military. I bought two of these in 2010. One is a 9mm, the other is a .40 S&W. Each came...
1-4 of 4 Results