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  1. SS S&W Slide with Night Sights

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have an S&W SS PPK/S Slide with night sights for sale. The firearm was deemed not repairable by Walther with a damaged feed ramp and has been scrapped. The slide works perfect and was tested by Walther. I kept the slide with the night sights. The work for the night sights was done by Tool...
  2. Replacing Phosphoric Night Sights?

    My gun's rear sight lost one of the phosphoric night sights during regular usage. Walther is warrantying the replacement and gives the option of either mailing in the slide or installing it myself. They said they "drift on with a nylon punch or a sight pusher tool". Has anyone tried...
  3. PPQ Trijicon HD Nightsight POA/POI

    New Member Welcome Center
    Moved my post to PPQ forum.
  4. TruGlo shipping sights for P99/PPQ

    FYI - Good Deals
    My first post....so if this is old news....forgive me!!! I just received an email from TruGlo saying: "We are now shipping our latest design for the Walther P99 and PPQ series pistols to dealers and distributors. TG13WA1A TFX Walther P99 and PPQ TG13WA1PC TFX PRO Walther...
  5. PPS Night Sights on P99c?

    I've had a few people suggest the P99c can take the PPS night sights. But that you need some kind of fixed set screw? Anyone done that application? What is needed? The Trijicons I have are too tall for the P99c leading to a low point of impact compared to point of aim.
  6. WTB: Trijicon HD Night Sights for PPQ

    Want To Buy
    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a set of Trijicon HD Night Sights for my backup PPQ. I just got a set from a fellow forum member, I really like them, so I'd like a set for my backup PPQ also. Thanks!
  7. Help out a fellow PPQ owner with sights?

    Hey guys (& ladies), I'm in a bit of a predicament. I was dissembling my slide after pulling a double shift & while very tired, dropped the slide on to the floor. Since the sights I had on the gun were stock (The standard plastic ones) they got marred up pretty bad. They are still usable (I took...
  8. DIY Cheap and Effective Method to Adding Night Glow Sights on a Walther PPS 9mm by me

    Well folks, Here's my little contribution to the DIY realm. Cheap easy and SUPER effective glow/night sights. Once the paint is charged up with a flash light, it will remain / glow (not at 100% but more like 20% for many many hours after) I charged a small sample by my nightstand right...
  9. WTB: P99AS 9mm "Defense Kit"

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking to buy a factory new P99 AS 9mm "defense kit" Walther part number WAP77011. The sticker on the box reads "WAL P99AS 9MM 4" BL 2-15RD NS." A bunch of pictures of the version I'm looking for are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/49ean7p4078hinw/SLXw_KypaJ The "defense kit" is a P99AS...
  10. Night Sights with Sight Image 3 for PPQ.

    Hello Waltherforums! I've been scouring the stickies here trying to find an answer to this question but am yet to find one. I am looking to upgrade my PPQ with night sights. I get the impression that the PPQ is, for lack of a better term, 'backward compatible' with several P99 sights. I also...
  11. WTB PPS Factory Sight

    Want To Buy
    Like the title say, I would like to buy a PPS factory sight. pm or email me at [email protected] for faster response.
  12. New PPS w/ Factory Night Sights *pics*

    Just picked up my new PPS from my FFL yesterday. It is a WAP10008 model which comes with factory night sights and all 3 size mags. Test fired September 2011, it has a BB date code. Ordered from Healy Arms in Arizona. This morning I gave her a good cleaning and took a couple pictures with my...
  13. PPQ Night Sights - Images

    Hi all, I installed Trijicon Night Sights on my Walther PPQ 9mm tonight, and I wanted to post some images briefly, as well as show the walther in a IWB Theis Holster made from Horse Hide for those still considering a holster option. Finally this image also displays the TLR-1 and Hornady...