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night sights ppq upgrade

  1. PPQ Trijicon HD Nightsight POA/POI

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    Moved my post to PPQ forum.
  2. PPQ Q5 replacement night sights even possible?

    Hello! Monday afternoon I finally pick up my new Q5 but I do not plan on using the red dot when I shoot IDPA. I have been using my PPQ M2 9 for all my shooting such as EDC, IDPA, MAG 40 etc. I had my gunsmith use "Oldfart's" instructions of using a Meprolight ML-18800 for the rear and...
  3. TruGlo shipping sights for P99/PPQ

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    My first post....so if this is old news....forgive me!!! I just received an email from TruGlo saying: "We are now shipping our latest design for the Walther P99 and PPQ series pistols to dealers and distributors. TG13WA1A TFX Walther P99 and PPQ TG13WA1PC TFX PRO Walther...
  4. Anyone have the Walther PPQ night sights installed? Are they OK?

    Just wanted to see who had the Walther Factory night sights installed and if you would recommend them. I'm thinking about sending my slide in to get the metal night sights installed..i will loose the windage screw since the nights sights are fixed but i don't mind..anything besides these...