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  1. First Gun; Cleaning tips?

    Hello - I'll be picking up my first firearm this weekend (yay for pk380!). Before I do that though, I was hoping someone could help point out what I should look for in terms of a cleaning kit. I've looked around, but there are so many options (and none were specific to the PK380 that I could...
  2. New PPQ 45 Owner

    Ordered a PPQ 45 from Buds this morning. Have to say I'm pretty excited to get this and try it out. Not looking forward to ammo costs though. I guess I'll have to get some Freedom reman's or something. Although I was wasting time in Walmart yesterday and they had some pretty good prices on...
  3. Another new PPS Owner

    Couldn't resist the PPS with the new price reduction. Only problem, haven't had time to take it to the range yet... maybe this weekend. I've been dry firing mine with mags full of snap caps. Boy I see what you all mean about grit in the trigger mechanism, my PPX never had this. I really hope...
  4. New Walther Owner from Illinois

    New Member Welcome Center
    Hello everyone. I just got my PPQ M2 today. As it is my first pistol I have owned I am very excited. I plan to get some pistol training under my belt before I do any serious shooting. Gun feels great in my hand and I am well pleased. Can't wait to get started shooting, especially with the...
  5. New, Proud PPS Owner

    Hi everyone, Just got my PPS in .40 in January, and fired it for the first time (finally!) yesterday. Put about 100 rounds through it, and only one issue: one bullet failed to fire (but I blame the bullet, not the weapon). I was shooting Remington 180gr FMJ. I'd heard from some that the .40...
  6. New PPQ, Scratches on Extractor

    Hey guys, I'm new here and just got my new PPQ 9mm in today. It was the one listed on GunsAmerica.com by Jay's Guns, so I apologize if I beat any of you to the punch on that one. Anyway, I picked it up and noticed that there were a lot of scratches on the extractor. I emailed the gun shop...
  7. New PPQ owner, Initial review.

    My new PPQ 9mm just came in last night and I was so excited I did a review on it.....I'm finding Walther's tend to do that to a person!:D Anyways, its probably nothing you all haven't heard before but I do talk about the finish and the slide to frame fit a bit, as I know that has been a common...