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  1. WTS/WTT Walther PP in .32acp (WWII) FTF Ohio

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Here is a Walther PP made between 1941-1945 (during WWII) from what I've been reading on the forums here. This is an unmarked one (aside from the SN, 387XXX P), which was probably one of their last-ditch efforts. This was probably a WWII GI bring back (no import markings) and was chromed a long...
  2. 1939 PPK questions

    PP and TP Series
    ok, sorry if this should be posted elsewhere, i just made this account so that i could get some guidance on whether or not this thing is real or fake, if 1939 is the correct year, if its Luftwaffe. Etc. Ive heard it should have the eagle symbol stamped on the slide and frame, but i dont see it...
  3. Walther P38 ac45, Identification with Unknown Proof Marks Please?

    The Classics
    Hi, This is my first posting to the forum :) I would like an identification of the modern proof marks that have been added to this pistol please. It is a Walther P38 ac45 a, (UK Deactivated) with Nazi 359 Waffenampt Stamps however, there have been additional "Modern" german proof marks added...
  4. WTB: WWII era German made PPK 7,65

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hi guys, I'm a small collector of fine made functional German/Austrian firearms like the PPK. I've just started searching for a pristine WWII era PPK 7,65 for my safe. Preferences: 85-100% finish 90 degree safety preferred but not required Nazi proofs are preferred but by no means required...
  5. Trying to buy a p38

    The Classics
    So I am thinking about buying a p38 from a friend who tells me it was a German nazis gun in WWII however after I looked over the gun I realized the gun has English written all over including the safety/fire. And no nazi markings. I'm new to walthers and just want to know if Im buying an original...