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  1. PPQ M2 slides compatibility?

    Hi, Just got a walther PPQ Navy SD and Im in love with it. But I do want to upgrade it down the to the red dot. I want to get a new slide to send in to get milled, but Im just not sure how much it will cost to get a new slide, and if all slides are compatible with the navy sd frame. And...
  2. PPQ M2 Navy (non) Suppressor Springs

    Recently, I saw the ad for a threaded barrel kit for PPQ M2's offered by Walther. It comes with a spring. Apparently, Walther now realizes that different springs are needed depending upon whether the firearm is used with a suppressor. I wrote to Walther telling them that I received no extra...
  3. Sold: PPQ M2 Navy with extras

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Offering first to forum members, my PPQ M2 Navy model. Comes with original case and paper, including target. Loading tool and 3 backstraps included. A total of 3 15 round magazines. Also included is an additional 4" genuine Walther barrel. This is for the times you want to carry but don't...
  4. M2 or M2 Navy 9mm: first firearm?

    I just purchased/ordered my first firearm, a ppq m2 9mm. Bought it at gun buyer and I am having a little bit of buyers remorse. Not because I don't want the gun, but because I am thinking I should have purchased the m2 navy. The Navy is only $20 more at $540, which seams like a damn good deal...
  5. PPQ Navy M1 in Canada

    Does anyone know where I could find a PPQ navy M1 in Canada. I have my heart set on a PPQ and I want the European style paddle mag release, not the button mag release. We have silly laws about barrel lenghts so the regular M1 is out of the question for me unless I spend an extra $300 for a...
  6. Broke mag release on PPQ Navy M1

    Hi all. I broke one of the mag release paddles on my M1. Does anyone know where to get parts?
  7. Walther PQQ Navy SD

    Im new to the walther family, this handgun is the first walther ive owned. Now I have a couple questions of what to buy for optimization and where I can/should get these things Compensator, good brands and where to get one? After-market guide rod to replace plastic one? Good paddle holster...