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  1. PPQ
    Just bought a PPq and was excited to get it on range. Loaded both magazines with independent 9 mill ammo and started shooting. 1st clip fine. 2nd clip misfire half way down stack. Didn't think much of it. Fire rate was slow taking time to get feel of gun. 5 rounds later same issue. Did not...
  2. CCP
    I bought a CCP from an older gentleman who sold it to me for $400. He had purchased it a month before, for the lower recoil, for his wife but said she did not like it so he was selling. Because of all the talk on this forum I checked the serial number and it was greater than 15,000. I thought...
  3. PK380
    My wife and I were at the range tonight and my pk380 fire a three round burst. Has anyone heard of this problem?
1-3 of 3 Results