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  1. Mauser P.08 and P.38 - 1942

    The Classics
    Just posted a new article on our web site with some background on the first of the Mauser made P.38s. Here is the link: https://www.rjkventures.com/blogs/guns/mauser-p-08-and-p-38-1942
  2. BYF 44 Question

    The Classics
    Hey guys, new to the group and the Walther game. i work at a gun shop part time in AK and we had a huge collection of Lugers and P38s come in the other day. needless to say i jumped and bought both from my boss. my question is about my P38, it has all matching parts and the Serial Number is in...
  3. Walther Model B- Push Button Safety

    Walther Rifles
    Hello everyone, I'm not quite sure where to post this, but I am looking for a rather obscure part. I have a Walther Model B but it is missing the safety. If anyone has a model B that they would like to sell, or at the very least take pictures of the safety so I replicate it, I would be extremely...
  4. New member - WWII Era P38 question

    The Classics
    Hi all, I inherited a P38 from my father. He served in WWII and then had a 16 year break in service, then re-enlished and finished a career. Years ago, when he was stationed in peacetime Germany, he became friends with a former German officer. At some point, the German officer gave my dad...