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  1. Walther P1: Gift From My Grandfather

    The Classics
    Hey everyone. I'm new to these forums! Yesterday I received a Walther P1 from my grandfather as a gift. At first I thought it was a Walther P38 WWII vintage; but he said this model was from the 1960's, and of course a little digging revealed it was a P1. Now, I've seen these before plenty of...
  2. P38 Marking Identification

    The Classics
    Hello Im trying to identify the marking on the trigger guard on my pistol. The first picture should be to one i'm talking about. I have identified most of the rest of the markings on the gun but I haven't seen this marking referenced anywhere. This P38 is made by Walther (CA) in 1943...
  3. Help please- missing P38 markings WWII

    The Classics
    I am in the process of buying a wwII era P38 for around $800 on layaway. It is my first Walther and I'm not sure if I paid too much (am paying too much). I noticed after the fact that it's missing inspection stamps on the right side of the slide. I haven't field stripped it so I don't know about...
  4. New Member/Model 4 owner

    The Classics
    I have been searching like crazy to come up with some information on a decent quality Model 4 (SN145150)that was given to me a short while ago. So far I have been able to derive a lot of good-to-great information from other posts from this forum and RJK77’s website EarlyWalthers.com. My Model 4...
  5. What's the extra V marking on this P38?

    The Classics
    the serial # and K are pretty obvious but with my limited knowledge i am not sure what the V represents?
  6. 1934 Walther "S" Marks on RZM's and PP

    PP and TP Series
    I own two Walther PPK RZM's made in 1934 [822,300, 824,989]. Each has an "S" stamped into the tang well floor directly under the hammer (see attached). The font is a serif style with a somewhat compressed upper loop perhaps typical of German "Schwabacher" font originating in Franconia (upper...
  7. Walther PPK 7.65mm with interesting "X" out marking

    PP and TP Series
    I'm looking at this Walther PPK 7.65mm for sale with "X" out marking, from what I have researched it looks like post-war or late war 1944? but them I'm also see if the ejection port has a number thats typically the year. with that said there is a circle marking that has been X'ed out, could this...
  8. Post War P38 ID help

    The Classics
    Hello all! New to the forums here! I recently picked up this post war p38. I was hoping someone could help me with the markings? All 3 serials match...frame, slide, barrel. Not sure if the "w 9.73" marking near the trigger guard is the date or not? Any help with that and other small stamps...
  9. New (to me) Walther P1 with some questions please help

    The Classics
    I inherited this firearm and am looking for any help as to what exactly it is. I don't think it's anything special but more knowledge never hurt anyone. Right by the safety there is a "170" engraved Under the name of the actual firearm is "6/82" The serial number is 005170 To the right...