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  1. Manurhin PP circa 1958

    PP and TP Series
    well bought my first manurhin PP.22lr it was very interesting digging into the history, but now i've found about all i can on my own. SER #. 137XXLP based upon what i've read here it was made around 1957-58 @95 bluing - (some holster scratches and wear) mechanically fine original box, manual...
  2. Two questions about Manurhin PPK/S

    PP and TP Series
    I bought a Manurhin PPK/S at the gun show yesterday for $370. It's in excellent condition. I did a little write-up on it here. Here are the markings: Slide - left side: MANURHIN - LICENSE WALTHER Model PPK/S Cal. .380 ACP/9mm Kurz Made in France Slide - right side: MANURHIN INTERNATIONAL...
  3. WTB: Manurhin P1 or P1 with hex bolt

    Want To Buy
    Like the post says, I'm sorta searching for a needle in a haystack here. I'd ideally like to find a Manurhin P1 for under $400 that's in decent condition. Why a Manurhin? I don't know exactly, I just find myself drawn to them, you know? My second choice would be one of the P1's with the...
  4. Exhausted all resources! Need help I.D.-ing new purchase. PPK/S .380

    PP and TP Series
    I've looked everywhere, any and all forums and can't seem to find a dead on answer as to when and where my dream firearm that I just purchased was made. All the tables for serial numbers won't match. It is a Walther PPK/S 9mm kurz. On the left it has the standard Carl Walther stamping and Made...
  5. PPK/S .22 made in France

    PP and TP Series
    I've had this for 22 years. Any members know what the value would be today ? Overall very nice. See photos.
  6. Info on a French Manurhin P1? Newbie here

    The Classics
    Hi folks! I recently picked up a very nice P1, Manurhin French model, serial number is 237349. It looks almost brand new, and has import marks from INT. Import in Miami. All matching numbers. The finish does not look like a blue, but maybe a parkerized or phosphate? Doesn't look refinished...
  7. Greetings From Northern California-"Blessings of The Walther Upon You!"

    New Member Welcome Center
    Finally!! A forum that gets it! I`m glad to have found this Library of Alexandria-esque forum/community by Walther fans for Walther fans! My solo Walther pistol :( is also the first handgun I purchased and owned(ca. August,1984)...and I still get that Gun Love feelin` from Miss W." Interarms...