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  1. PPS
    Hi, I just ordered a PPS M2 and I was wondering if there is an armorer's manual available for it. I saw a PDF of one for a P99, but I haven't found one for the PPS pistols. Thanks
  2. CCP
    In the downloadable manual posted in the sticky, the warranty is listed as two years; however, the printed manual that came with my CCP only states one year warranty. Any one else notice this? Is one version wrong? Could the warranty be serial number dependent?
  3. PP and TP Series
    I'm trying to track down a manual for my 1970 Walther PPK/S but all I can find are the newer S&W manuals. So my question is are there any major differences between the Walther made PPK/s and the S&W PPK/s other than the obvious? (its made by S&W) I just got one of the old Walther Hard Cases for...
1-3 of 3 Results