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  1. Smith and Wesson PPK/S Failure to Chamber and Field Strip

    PP and TP Series
    Hey guys, new member here. Not my first Walther, but I just got a beautiful blued PPK/S made post-recall. I love it, and I shoot it extremely well, but I had several failures to chamber. It seemed to happen with only one magazine, and generally on the second round chambered (after the first...
  2. P99C Slide Not Moving All the Way to Rear

    It's not a persistent problem, but every once in a while I will have some kind of malfunction loading or unloading my P99C where I can't move the slide far back enough to engage the slide stop. I think it may be an issue with the spring not collapsing all the way. The four or so times it's...
  3. Single action malfunction

    Hello, I have a relatively new PK380, less than a year old with approximately 1000 rounds shot so far. Of note, being inexperienced, I went unfortunately for the cheapest bulk ammo so I got TulAmmo, the Russian brand. It only caused trouble: 1-2 misfires per magazine, extractor jams, lots of...
  4. Walther CCP - Safety Selector SwitP for my soch

    My son experienced several malfunctions today with his CCP with the weapon having less than 200 rounds fired through it. A shell casing partially ejected and the magazine dropped out of the weapon. I took the weapon and cleared the partially ejected casing. I then observed the lever for the...
  5. Magazine falls out during firing

    I apologize if this is covered in other forums. I looked through as much as I could and saw a brief mention that this had been reported, but then nothing else. The mag can drop on it's own several times during firing of 1 mag worth of ammo. It happens with different brands of ammo, different...
  6. PPQ M1 slide locking with rounds left in mag

    This week I picked up a new PPQ M1. The first time I shot it yesterday I had a malfunction where the slide locked open after the first round from a magazine, with 14 rounds left. I chalked it up to being sticky out of the box, field stripped it and lubed it up at home. Today I had this...