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  1. PPS
    Friends, can I trouble you for a suggestion where to get - at most reasonable cost - for PPS M1 9mm / original: a left hand quick raw holster, preferably OWB but not necessarily, and extra mags (3-4 8rd) new or used. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Can't find anything decent on my own. Thank...
  2. PPS
    I have the PPS M2, and I wanna add some stuff to it. I got the extra 8rd mag for it, but thats about all I've really seen. I want to get a wallet pocket holster for it. For most people it aint gonna fit there but for me it does. I really like this gun and I wouldn't wanna have to trade it for a...
  3. Want To Buy
    I am looking to buy 2 or more P99 Mags, Pre ban or 10 rds. Give me a price and let me know the true condition.
  4. PP and TP Series
    A Question About Interarms PPK .380 CCW Grips Hello All, Been debating about buying a PPK for months now for CCW. I've done my homework. God I would live a German original but can't spend $2.5K at the moment. And I hate the extended beavertail on the S&W (just a preference; I understand the...
  5. PPQ
    About to be the proud owner of Q9 M1. Should pick it up Friday or Saturday! Ive been looking at getting into some local IDPA matches, and in my searches for equipment ive found aftermarket support to be pretty limited or expensive! It got me thinking that regarding mag carriers what carriers...
  6. PPQ
    I just purshaed 2x 9mm 15+2rd mags for my PPQ M2. I looked all over, read all the comenst from people on the net and mags are indeed hard to fined. There are some 15rd out there right now but there $45+. Anyways, just joined and posted this to help anyone who wants mags. So today (10/4/13)...
  7. Want To Buy
    Anyone have any 2nd Gen P99AS 9mm 15 Rnd Mags they want to sell? Preferably factory Walther or comparable Magnum Research. No ProMag brand mags please. Message me with details. I can do Paypal so fast payment.
  8. PP and TP Series
    Its a 2010 model, I need to know 2 things!! First off, What can I do to tune this up! I polished the hell out of the feed ramps, I debured her slightly. I want to get the trigger worked a little myself maybe polish it and get it a little less heavy. What can I do, what advice for DIY little...
1-9 of 10 Results