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  1. Slide lock with magazine not empty, Decocker and magazine issues

    PP and TP Series
    I just bought a new Fort Smith PPK three weeks ago. I have fired roughly 300 rounds thru it so far. Today at the range the slide locked back so I dropped the magazine to realize that there was still one round in the magazine. This happened twice. On one occurrence the magazine was locked...
  2. Q5 SF Magazine Guide Mod

    I have had issues with my Q5 SF that may be related to the loose fit between the magazines and Delrin mag guides. This allows an excess bit of play at the top of the mag. Due to the force of the mag release spring, the top of the mag is pushed to the left and is out of alignment with the feed...
  3. Magazine Floor Plate Trade?

    Hello Everyone, Just picked up my P22 last week and I am loving this pistol! My large sausage fingers prefer the magazine floor plate with the finger rest more than the standard flat one. Anyone here want to trade their finger rest floor plate with the flat one that I have?
  4. Mag holder for PPS

    Gear, Gadgets, Tactics and Training
    This has probably been asked a thousand times before, but I can't get my head around a Vbulletin search engine. I'm looking for a belt-mount magazine holder for a PPS M1 mag, either 7 or 8 round of 9mm for CC. I think I want one that holds the mag parallel to my carry belt rather than one...
  5. CCP Generation 1 Magazine problems

    Hey, all! I've been reading these posts and following the CCP M1 issues since I've had my CCP. I have the Generation 1 issue. I did send it back for its warranty repair as soon as I got the notice of warranty. Now, this was my first ever pistol. I attributed some of its issues as "Operator...
  6. WTB PP magazines in .22 LR

    Want To Buy
    Hello people!! I recently picked up a late ‘60s PP in .22LR. I’m looking to pick up some addditional magazines so I can load them up and go to the range ready to shoot, not fill magazines. I am interested in original issue Walther magazines either with or without pinkey extension. Thanks 〓...
  7. WTS: Walther 16 Rd. Magaziness P99/P99c/PPQ/SW99 NIB

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    16 round mag Fits P99C perfectly w/ grip sleeve, and many others. I have two (2) NEW in wrapper OEM Walther 16 round magazines (stamped Mec-Gar "made in Italy") with Walther factory logo and trademark. These magazines have been out of production for years, and are NEW, and sealed in wrapper with...
  8. Question re: number of rounds for pre-war PPK

    PP and TP Series
    I bought a pre-war PPK from the wife of a friend who collected guns and recently passed away. Crown N marks on slide and barrel. Dumb, but simple question: how many rounds are supposed to fit in the magazine? I put in 7 rounds (murder on my thumb) and don't think I can fit another one in, but...
  9. P99 compact +1 finger rest baseplate?

    Does anyone make a +1 baseplate with finger rest for p99 compact mags? I have P30sk that I got these awesome CNC aluminum baseplates that are a finger rest and +1 or +2. Was hoping there was something similar for the p99c.
  10. WTS: Armory Tool Pistol Magazine Loading Tool & Barrel Wrench

    Non Walther Items
    Armory Tool™ - The Handgunners Multi-Tool Made in the USA $9.99 FREE US48 Shipping - Order at: Store Universal magazine loader & unloader - all calibers Simplifies pistol loading process Works with single & double stack mags Supports .22 rimfire side-button loading - Works with Ruger...
  11. Bullets Jumbled Looking in Magazine--Is This Normal?

    Hi Everyone, new here. I was always a 1911 .45 owner/user. Then my thumb was injured (permanently). Recently my husband bought me a super cute lil' ole P22Q and I love the feel of it. Began loading the ammo into the 10-round magazine that came with the gun and I realized it looks all...
  12. P88 Magazine: 10-round

    Hi. I recently inherited a P88 in mint condition, but I live in California and therefore need to find a 10-round magazine clip. :mad: I searched online and couldn't find any other than make a mod myself. I have no such skills and would rather buy one instead. The guy at my gun range said he...
  13. Quick Question

    So my mother (who is 65 now) was wanting a little gun for her LTC and to keep in her purse. My spare Sig was to big for her hand and she was finding herself scared to shoot it. So we went and tried out a few guns and settled on the PK380 when she fell in love with it. It was perfect for her...
  14. PPQ reload

    Hi guys, I have a PPQ M2 9mm. Since a few days, when reloading, after emptying a magazine, i have to charge myself (meaning pulling back the mobile part). At first, putting a full magazine was enough to make the pistol recharge by itself. Does anybody have any experience on this issue? Thx, aL
  15. Last round in P1 mag won't feed

    The Classics
    Like the subject says, I have a P1 which will not feed the last round in one magazine (unmarked except for a made in Mexico stamp). It doesn't jam or stovepipe. It just sits there at the top of the mag. I have another mag which works fine. Any ideas of what to look for? Or should I just give up...
  16. WTB: 1968 PPK Magazines

    Want To Buy
    Looking to buy 2x brown finger rest mags for my .380 PPK. 1968. Interarms. Thanks.
  17. WTT: PPQ M1 9mm 15rd mags for 17rd

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Looking to trade some 15rd PPQ M1 9mm mags for 17 rounders. Let me know. Thanks,
  18. Round pushed forward in magazine?

    I've got a new CCP. It's had about 400 rounds through it. After about 300 rounds, I noticed that when a loaded magazine is put in, and a round loaded in the chamber, the next round is pushed forward. Both magazines are guilty of this. Is this normal for a new gun? Do I just need to keep...
  19. Sourcing PPS baseplates?

    If something RECENT has been said on this subject, I seem to have missed it and apologize. I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
  20. Analog for CCP magazine?

    Is the CCP magazine unique to the CCP or was the design borrowed from something already on the market? As an example, my PPQ uses Baby Desert Eagle mags. They are identical except for the branding. Sure would be nice to a) actually be able to source mags and b) not have to pay a premium for...