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magazine release problem

  1. Magazine falls out during firing

    I apologize if this is covered in other forums. I looked through as much as I could and saw a brief mention that this had been reported, but then nothing else. The mag can drop on it's own several times during firing of 1 mag worth of ammo. It happens with different brands of ammo, different...
  2. Solved Interarms .380 PPK magazine falls out when firing

    PP and TP Series
    My magazine would fall of my 380 Interarms PPK while firing. I removed the slide and it was apparent the top and the base of the magazine had a lot of forward and rearward play when installed in the firearm. I took clear packing tape made 4 narrow strips, 1/4" wide by 3/8" tall, and built them...
  3. PPK S Misfeed

    New Member Welcome Center
    Good morning. I love my PPK S .380 but it recently started misfeeding and the magazine drops out. I have tried using different ammo but to no avail. Any words of wisdom?
  4. Problem With PPK Magazine Release

    PP and TP Series
    Ok ladies and gents, recently purchased a NIB s&w ppk and everything seems to be in working order EXCEPT the damn magazine release button is not functioning as I believe it should :confused: When pressing the release button, I first notice that its spring feels very stiff and the fitting feels...