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  1. PPQ
    Hi all, Looking to get a PPQ M2 5" .22. Live in a nordic country where gun laws stipulate .22 as first gun. So PPQ .22 it is. What holsters can one buy? Same as PPQ M2 9mm? Where can one get magazine holsters? Thanks for a great forum!
  2. PPS
    Hey all, I recently purchased a PPS M2 LE and am incredibly happy with it. It's my first handgun so I'm now in the market for suitable holsters and other accessories. I wanted to check with you all to get your recommendations for an on belt (not in waistband) magazine holster that can best...
  3. PPQ
    Hey guys! I work at a Sheriff's Department and recently picked up a PPQ M2 .40 for my new duty carry. I LOVE the gun, it's a smooth shoot and several of the guys are even jealous. However, I knew it would be an issue finding a holster for it and so I'm asking you all for input. I'm so far...
  4. PP and TP Series
    See this picture a lot but havent been able to figure out who makes this magazine holster. Very interested in purchasing one!
1-4 of 4 Results