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  1. PPQ
    I have had issues with my Q5 SF that may be related to the loose fit between the magazines and Delrin mag guides. This allows an excess bit of play at the top of the mag. Due to the force of the mag release spring, the top of the mag is pushed to the left and is out of alignment with the feed...
  2. P88
    Hi. I recently inherited a P88 in mint condition, but I live in California and therefore need to find a 10-round magazine clip. :mad: I searched online and couldn't find any other than make a mod myself. I have no such skills and would rather buy one instead. The guy at my gun range said he...
  3. PPQ
    Hi all. I broke one of the mag release paddles on my M1. Does anyone know where to get parts?
  4. Walther Rimfire & CO2 Pistols
    I'm a new member here and also a new walther owner. I'm from the wonderful police state of NJ. I recently purchased a sp22 m2. I had it out on the range and fired about 25 shots before the thing just wouldn't fire anymore. I bought this gun because I have been buying .22 rounds for years and...
  5. Want To Buy
    Im looking for 10 round mags for my walther sp22 M2. I'm also looking for the tru glo sights and any information on trigger work that can be done.
  6. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    ** ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD ** I have a few 9mm M1 PPQ mags I'm selling. I believe these will also work in certain model P99s as well. I have three (3) 17 round magazines, genuine Walther mags. Two of them have about 50 rounds each through them, hardly used with zero signs of wear. The third is...
  7. PPS
    I picked up an used PPS at the LGS today for $479. It was in good shape, but only came with one 7 rd mag. I immediately took it to the range, and put 50 rds through it. My only point of reference for Walther pistols is my PPQ 40 (classic). Definitely not as accurate as the PPQ, but I was...
  8. Want To Buy
    Anyone have a 2nd Gen P99 Mag? Preferably a factory one. If not then one of the MR9 Fast Action magazines that work with the P99. I can't find them in any online store. I just need one, unless you have a good deal on two.
  9. PK380
    Slide Lock Lever Not Activating I bought a PK380 and my slide is not staying locked back like every other PK380 I find a video of on the Internet. I searched on here but can't seem to locate an answer or clarification. Are there 2 types of magazines. Those that engage the slide lock lever...
1-9 of 9 Results