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  1. Pk380 What is best laser/light combo

    Hello i am a new owner of the Pk380 and would like to get a Laser/Light combo for it I would like to know if anyone who is familiar with the PK380 or with Laser/Light combos in general has recommendations on the best available Laser/Light I have no budget i would just like to get a good one with...
  2. PPS M2 Tactical Light

    Does anyone know if a light option is available for this pistol? I've looked high and low, can't find anything at all. Has anyone tried the Streamlight TLR-6 with the universal fit? Any info, greatly appreciated!
  3. P99c laser or laser/light combo?

    Does anyone have a laser, or laser/light combo recommendation for the p99 c? Thanks in advance for the advice and recommendations. Steve
  4. Most Economical "Tactical Gun Mount" (Light & Laser combo product)? For PPX or PPQ.

    Gear, Gadgets, Tactics and Training
    Most Economical "Tactical Gun Mount" (Light & Laser combo product)? For PPX or PPQ. Economical means the best "BANG" 4 your hard earned $. Not interested in an expensive "TGM" nor a cheap crapola Air Soft "TGM". CDNN Sports had 1 for $29.99 made by AIM, but the specs looked weak... Only 30...
  5. Holster w/ tach light

    Does anyone have a link for a holster for a PPX that will accommodate a light on the rail? Searching everywhere and cannot find. Thanks! Rohlf
  6. M2 with laserlight Holster?

    Hey, I'm really new to the site, and I have looked around as much as I can without seeing the answer to my question. I recently got a PPQ M2 and I was going to get either a Viridian CL5 or Streamlight TLR 4 laser/light for it, though I would need a holster to accommodate those. Are there...
  7. Walther MT-1 Tactical Light - Bulb change

    Gear, Gadgets, Tactics and Training
    I recently got an old Walther MT-1 Tac light for my P99 but it needs a new bulb. After opening it up I'm not sure how to replace the bulb...? See my pics for reference. There is no obvious way how the bulb comes out...?? Can anyone share some ideas on if it is possible to replace this bulb...