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  1. PPQ
    When dryfiring, the only downside I found is the reset after trigger pull. I fired a Taurus G2C doing laser drills and really liked the ability to fire consecutive shots without racking the slide... Switched to my PPQ, and I was only able to fire one shot, then needed to rack to fire. I know...
  2. Want To Buy
    As the title describes, I'm looking for a 2000's era P99 (non AS) with a matching Walter BA5/BA6 laser module. I realize these are a bit rare and hard to come by, so I am open to discussion about price. If it's a two-tone P99 that would be incredible but beggars can't be choosers!
  3. PPS
    So I had a couple and by a couple I mean two to be exact, failure to ejects like the shell got jammed in the slide when I was at the range today. I was using Remington 115 grain full metal jacket range ammo; now I have upgraded my recoil spring from the factory polymer based one to a stainless...
  4. CCP
    Hello everyone, I want to install a quick draw laser on my new CCP and so far the only thing I’ve found in my internet search was Viridian lasers and the ones that have ECR won’t fit CCP. Any suggestions?
  5. PK380
    Hello i am a new owner of the Pk380 and would like to get a Laser/Light combo for it I would like to know if anyone who is familiar with the PK380 or with Laser/Light combos in general has recommendations on the best available Laser/Light I have no budget i would just like to get a good one with...
  6. PPS
    Hello All, I am new here and also new to handgun ownership. I recently purchased a PPS M2 LE. It has 150 rounds downrange with a variety of ammo. I'm really pleased with the workmanship and ergos; I am completely satisfied and feel this is a really great purchase. Those of you who may ask or...
  7. P99
    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to attach a Viridian Green Laser to an old frame P99.
  8. P99
    Does anyone have a laser, or laser/light combo recommendation for the p99 c? Thanks in advance for the advice and recommendations. Steve
  9. PK380
    Does anyone know of an internal laser for the pk380? I saw years ago Kipkay put a blue ray laser in a toy Star Trek hand phaser, so come on how hard could it be?
  10. Gear, Gadgets, Tactics and Training
    Most Economical "Tactical Gun Mount" (Light & Laser combo product)? For PPX or PPQ. Economical means the best "BANG" 4 your hard earned $. Not interested in an expensive "TGM" nor a cheap crapola Air Soft "TGM". CDNN Sports had 1 for $29.99 made by AIM, but the specs looked weak... Only 30...
  11. PPS
    Attended a gun show today and was impressed with the PPS 9mm - I would like to go back tomorrow and purchase one. That's the reason for this first post - need a little "feel good" and advice from folks that own one and figured this forum would be the best. I currently carry a H&K P7M8 OWB when I...
  12. PPQ
    Hey, I'm really new to the site, and I have looked around as much as I can without seeing the answer to my question. I recently got a PPQ M2 and I was going to get either a Viridian CL5 or Streamlight TLR 4 laser/light for it, though I would need a holster to accommodate those. Are there...
  13. Want To Buy
    Per chance anyone has a P22 laser for sale? I am looking into purchasing one for my father for Christmas, as he has a P22 he bought after liking my P99 so much. Reasonable price shipped, and possibly getting it before next weekend (of the 22nd) would be great. Online search doesn't help much...
  14. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I want to buy a laser device (BA-6 or BA-6W) with the closed rail for the earlier P99. If any one has one for sale or knows where to get one, please send me a message. Thank you!
  15. Want To Buy
    I want to buy a laser device (BA-6 or BA-6W) with the closed rail for the earlier P99. If any one has one for sale or knows where to get one, please send me a message. Thank you!
  16. PPQ
    Has anyone tried the Crimson Trace CMR 201 on the PPQ?
1-16 of 17 Results