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  1. New PPX jammed twice

    Brand new Walther PPX 9mm SD jammed today. I fired the first 2 full magazines with no problems. On third magazine there was a double feed and slide was locked shut, but I managed to get it open. On the next mag, second round fired, but a new round was loaded on top of the old one, the slide was...
  2. Help my New (nos) P99 jams every shot!

    I purchased a new old stock P99 from a store. The gun was said to be new and its a gen 1 pistol. The serial number dates it back to 1998! I was stoked about my find as I really wanted the design look of the gen 1. Upon inspecting the internals of the gun, it appeared to be new to me but of...
  3. New PPK/S stovepipes

    PP and TP Series
    Hey everyone, newbie here. I just bought a PPK/S for my wife, we took it to the range and it stove piped 35/40 rounds. Very frustrating. We were using Fiocchi FMJ. We did shoot one round of Winchester hollow point and it stove piped too. The gun shop had me leave it with their gunsmith, but...
  4. New p99as first day at the range strangeness

    Pick it up this morning. 2nd hand from a guy at the gun shop. 200 rounds throught it no problems. I shoot a clip. Nice. Wife shots a clip jams every other round. I shot another clip fine. Repeat a couple times. I'm watching her. Other than inexperience nothing I can see. Obviously not the gun...
  5. Constant Jamming of my P99C QA

    Gun was bought online as new from online vendor. Immediatly I had jamming issues and was told by those around me it just needs broke in and to try different ammo. I have done everything at this point to include dipping the the slide in sonic water bath. Still same issues. Fails to eject round...
  6. P22 constant jam

    I purchased a P22 camo used at a gun show a little more than a year ago. As a newbie to Walthers, and shooting in general, I was told that the gun was a no-brainer. When I got the gun home, I cleaned it (it was filthy) inspected it with a trusted friend, and took it to the range...where it...