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  1. PPQ
    Hi Walther lovers, I'm in a pickle as I've been informed that as of Jan 2019, my paddle/serpa style holster is no longer acceptable for IPSC (Australia):( I've been trying to see what's on offer, but I'm not getting anywhere. As I'm finding that most retailers are supporting the M2 or Q5 these...
  2. PPQ
    I was wondering if any IPSC competitors could help me respond to an IPSC referee who warned me against using my PPQ (Mk I) during competition. His rationale was that during reloading if my finger is anywhere near the trigger it's an automatic disqualification and refs might mistake the use of...
  3. PPQ
    Hello all, I'm loving my PPQ, but having serious difficulty finding any lead loads that will lock the slide back once the final round has been fired. If I shoot factory copper rounds, it will lock back no problem. Here have been my loads: 1. 135gn round nose coated lead bullet over 3.3gn...
1-3 of 3 Results