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  1. PPQ
    Hi everyone, this is my first post but I lurked a while . . . . good to meet everyone! Advice needed on holsters for IWB, What I want is one with only one single metal belt clip (or two VERY CLOSE and centered metal clips) that I can grab with one hand to remove the holstered weapon to use...
  2. PPQ
    Hello all, I just purchased a vedder OWB holster for my 5 inch ppq M2. My question is that I’m curious if it will also fit my PPQ M2 navy with a threaded barrel, or will I need to purchase a separate one for proper fit? Thanks
  3. PPQ
    Hello everyone one. I am currently in the market for an appendix carry inner waist band holster for my new PPQ m2 Navy (threaded barrel). I would really love to find a holster that is a sidecar style (doesnt have to be) and supports a weapon light( the support of a light is a must)as well. I...
  4. P99
    Hi, all! First post here. Just got my first Walther, a like-new P99AS (circa 2014 model, 50 rounds through it) and am looking into holsters for it. I found the Alien Gear Shapeshifter and am interested in it, but according to their site, it's only for the PPQ. Now, having gotten real familiar...
  5. PPQ
    Hi all, Looking to get a PPQ M2 5" .22. Live in a nordic country where gun laws stipulate .22 as first gun. So PPQ .22 it is. What holsters can one buy? Same as PPQ M2 9mm? Where can one get magazine holsters? Thanks for a great forum!
  6. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have a used Nightingale Raptor Leather IWB Holster for the Walther PPQ. This holster has been used for about 5 months. Make: Nightingale Model: Raptor for the Walther PPQ - Black Cow Hide Location (city or county): Orange County, SoCal Price: $80 OBO Will ship (Y/N): Yes - buyer to...
  7. PPQ
    Hey guys! I work at a Sheriff's Department and recently picked up a PPQ M2 .40 for my new duty carry. I LOVE the gun, it's a smooth shoot and several of the guys are even jealous. However, I knew it would be an issue finding a holster for it and so I'm asking you all for input. I'm so far...
1-7 of 7 Results