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  1. The Classics
    Hey y'all, I got a pretty ok condition P38 from an auction a while ago and I've been wanting to take it out to the range to test fire it. But the front sight blade is offset and I have no idea how to fix it. Someone recommended that I use a wood mallet to hammer it back into alignment but I'm...
  2. Gear, Gadgets, Tactics and Training
    I don't know why they have been so difficult for me to find the correct part. I was just finishing up a Glock 23 Gen 3 slide which I had chosen a set of Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights to co-witness my optic. When I installed the front sight the screw's head sheered clean off and became...
  3. Walther General Discussions
    Hello everyone. This is my first post and honestly my first inquiry about an firearm in general. I recently inherited a walther p38 from my grandfather. It was in his will and I had no clue about it. I been doing some research but I figure the best way to figure out what I'm holding in my hands...
1-3 of 3 Results