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  1. PPQ
    Going to be replacing the guide rod on my PPQ M2. Tossup between the BT and the Springco. Some of you must have experience with this/these. Your opinions are welcome...and thanks in advance.
  2. PDP
    Hello, I'm a new Walther owner and have 2 question about the Tungsten Guide rods. My first question is I see on the photos of the guiderod that it seems like the spring is either stainless steel or copper, is the spring that surrounds the guiderod tungsten and if not what are the material used...
  3. PPQ
    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd ask if it is normal to not receive a test paper (i.e. target w/ shooter listed) with a new Walther PPQ M2 9MM pistol? Just received mine today and it did not come with any test papers at all. Also, doing my initial field strip and cleaning of the gun, I noticed...
  4. PPQ
    I’m interested in a captive spring guide rod assembly for my 2 year old PPQ 22. Cleaning it is a harrowing experience. I’ve looked on the web, but frankly, the companies offering this item don’t answer the phone or email, and I’m hesitant to order from a website that doesn’t respond. I’d...
1-4 of 4 Results