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  1. gritty trigger problem

    i have had my ppq m2 for six months now and have put roughly 1500 rounds through it. i'm having a problem with a gritty or jumpy takeup in the trigger that appears to be caused by the firing pin blocker. i have cleaned the striker assembly and the rest of the slide with gun scrubber before...
  2. Another new PPS Owner

    Couldn't resist the PPS with the new price reduction. Only problem, haven't had time to take it to the range yet... maybe this weekend. I've been dry firing mine with mags full of snap caps. Boy I see what you all mean about grit in the trigger mechanism, my PPX never had this. I really hope...
  3. P99 internal rattle/trigger grit HELP!

    Hello- I have two problems I'd like help with please. the first and most important is the fact that there is a slight rattle/sound when the p99 is cocked and the trigger is in its first position (long, light pull). if you move the p99 up and down or just slowly turn it upside down and...
  4. PPQ parts unavailable?

    Hi folks, I had no luck calling in to S&W and Earl's Repair Service about getting a spare safety plunger/firing pin block and trigger bar/assembly. S&W said the parts were not able to be ordered and they couldn't speculate if the parts ever would be available. Since I'm new to Walther, I...