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  1. Difficult mag release Q5 SF

    There is a thread about inadvertent release of M2 poly's. I just got the Q5 Match SF for competition and I can't hit the mag release without totally breaking down my grip. It tends to "stick" 1/2 way relative to my M2 (and I exercised the new Q5 till my thumb was sore to see if would break...
  2. Cracked my original grips!

    PP and TP Series
    Help! Went shooting with my 1935 PPK for the first time today. All was going well and I was very happy with it. However, as soon as I got home to start to clean it I realized I had two 1in long cracks on either side of my grip, starting at the top. I am incredibly sick over this and am...
  3. PPS Grip Template

    I couldn't find a decent grip for my PPS so I created a template. Posting in case any other owners wish to use it. The material is Tractiongrips Universal Grip Set (XL). I simply printed out the template (which may look small depending on your monitor settings but is 1:1 when printed), glued it...
  4. WTT: I need a PPS Large Backstrap!!!

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hi everyone. I recently bought a second PPS 40 used off GB. After getting a swinging deal on it I realized it didn't come with the large backstrap, only the small. Only the large one fits my hand. I'd be willing to trade a small backstrap for a large if anyone has one and prefers the small...