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  1. Fitting Viridian Green Laser to Old P99 Frame

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to attach a Viridian Green Laser to an old frame P99.
  2. WTB: 1st Gen. 9mm P99 in OD Green

    Want To Buy
    Hello! I've been searching, albeit unsuccessfully, for a long time trying to find a first generation 9mm P99 with an OD Green frame. I've been a long-time lurker but registered an account today to post this; this would be my first handgun, but I've done a lot of research over the last several...
  3. WTB: 9mm P99 QA in OD Green

    Want To Buy
    WTB: 1st Gen. 9mm P99 in OD Green http://www.waltherforums.com/forum/want-buy/47120-wtb-1st-gen-9mm-p99-od-green.html#post470429
  4. P99 in OD with AS trigger - yes or no

    My wife fell in love with the look and feel of the P99 in the OD Military Green. But she wants it with the AS trigger system. Is that possible, or are those two options mutually exclusive. If they are mutually exclusive, does anyone have any info/eperience on the cost to get a black AS...