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  1. Moving away from The PPS

    I have carried the PPS as my primary CCW for the past 18 months and decided to switch to the Glock 26. Nothing wrong with the PPS it is a great single stack CCW and I will occasionally carry it but not as my primary. The reasons for this move are based on my ability to customize the G26 to...
  2. Trading up for a PPS?

    Hey guys, I have been looking at getting a PPS for quite some time now and just have kept putting other firearms in line before it. Anyways, I stopped at my local gunshop today and they had a used PPS chambered in 9mm. It was is nearly mint condition and looked as though it had only been shot...
  3. Glock sights on a PPS?

    Can you put Glock sights on a PPS?:confused: