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  1. Extra front sights?

    Were there supposed to be extra / additional front sights included with my PPS M2 LE? The front sight that's on there now has a "2" on it and I was wondering if there were others that didn't make it into my case. It's shooting a little low, and I was hoping to adjust. I know that the P22 comes...
  2. Shooting high

    After shooting about 15 pistols in my local range's rental case, I bought a dark earth PPS, which shoots about 2" high at 15 yds. No, this isn't user error: I shoot multiple Rugers, Glocks, Sigs, S&Ws, Berettas, and other pistols spot-on, and I'm a pretty good shot. What would you recommend...
  3. PPQ M2 .22 Front Sight

    I'm having issues with my PPQ M2 .22 shooting really high out of the box with the factory sights! With the rear sights wound down as low as possible, It is still shooting about 2 inches high @ 10y, 4 inches high @ 25y and 10 inches high @ 50y. this is bench rested and tried over 3 separate...
  4. KKM Front Sight Insert

    Walther Rifles
    Just got my first KKM and it feels great. A little cleaning and it will look like new. I plan to shoot it in local 100 yd BR competitions but the current front sight insert appears to be a 25M insert--it is too large for accurate 100M firing. Anyone know a source for inserts that will fit the...