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  1. P99
    I got an Inforce APL gen 2 for Christmas but I can't get this little tactical light to mount up to my 2006 P99 QA. It has the picatinny rail, but the light will not seat squarely over the notch. Anyone had luck adding an Inforce APL gen 2 to their P99? Thanks and Happy shooting!
  2. Gear, Gadgets, Tactics and Training
    I recently got an old Walther MT-1 Tac light for my P99 but it needs a new bulb. After opening it up I'm not sure how to replace the bulb...? See my pics for reference. There is no obvious way how the bulb comes out...?? Can anyone share some ideas on if it is possible to replace this bulb...
1-2 of 2 Results