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  1. AC41 build matching slide and barrel: firing pin protrusion depth?

    The Classics
    I bought an AC41 var 2 recently to complete a frankengun I had been building, and ran into a bit of trouble. After cleaning and re-assembling the slide and barrel, I actuated the firing pin to measure protrusion from the bolt face on simulated firing, and found that it wouldn't even pass beyond...
  2. Model 9 firing pin

    The Classics
    Hi all. I recently bought a Model 9 on GB. One shot and it broke. Of course the guy who sold it claims no responsibility and won't contribute to getting it fixed. Does anyone know: 1. where I can find a Model 9 FIRING PIN? I've looked on eBay, Numrich and Jack First with no luck so far 2. is...
  3. Stuck Firing pin

    I recently purchased a used PK 380 on a Gun Auction site (if I am allowed to post links to other sites I will do that later, Some gun boards seem to be very touchy about links). It was advertised as: Needless to say, that is not what I got. I work out of state so a few months have passed...
  4. S&W Walther PPK Ejector and Firing Pin Issues

    PP and TP Series
    Hey everone, I wanted to add onto here some issues that I'm sure people have had issues with regarding their PPK. I myself have the one made by Smith & Wesson and recently I've started to notice light strikes on the back of my bullets. I shoot PMC Bronze for target and also Remington Golden...
  5. Another FTF/No Primer Strike

    Stopped hitting the primer in the middle of a range session. No amount of unscientific fiddling would fix it. Bought new. Approx 9 months & 2500 rounds. All "gentle" range time. All factory, FMJ ammo. No oil near the firing pin. Disappointed. j.e.b.
  6. Firing Pin or Primers???

    Lately I have been having issues with my handloaded ammo or it might be a firing pin problem. I hope it is the pin cause I made like 900+ rounds of 380! I would say about 1 out of 5 fails to fire. I have read that the pin can some times get carbon build up and stick. Has anyone here had a...
  7. Trouble after first clip with new PPX

    Have a new PPX from Gander Mtn. Love the feel of the gun and put one clip through it with ease. Popped the second clip in and...nothing. Removing the slide shows that the firing pin safety isn't coming all the way out and the firing pin remains past the upper and lower ledges so it never...
  8. Walther PPS failure (firing pin/slide release?)

    I went shooting this weekend, and my Walther PPS failed to chamber when I went to shoot my last 5 rounds. I have a .40cal with about 400 rounds through it purchased in January. I went to pull the trigger and it was soft. The round failed to seat in the chamber leaving the slide partially open...