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failure to feed

  1. Just brought my first .22 pistol! I have questions

    hi everyone! I just brought my first .22 pistol and i have a question. ok so, i also have a walther ppq m2, and when i cycle the ammo by racking the slide, it ejects just fine! but when i try to do that with my new p22, the shells dont seem to eject well, like it wont cycle at all, the extractor...
  2. Smith and Wesson PPK/S Failure to Chamber and Field Strip

    PP and TP Series
    Hey guys, new member here. Not my first Walther, but I just got a beautiful blued PPK/S made post-recall. I love it, and I shoot it extremely well, but I had several failures to chamber. It seemed to happen with only one magazine, and generally on the second round chambered (after the first...
  3. PPK/S-1 (S&W) Slide Fails To Return Full Forward

    PP and TP Series
    Hello All, New forum member here, and a new shooter. Hope each of you are well! So, I recently purchased a brand new PPK/S-1 380 ACP and have had some teething pains with it. I was hoping that by a bit of collective knowledge dispersal from you folks so I might be able to develop a good...
  4. Failure to Feed

    I purchased my PPS 9mm last November as my summer carry. Up until last friday I had not problems with the weapon. Even went through a MAG-40 class with it! I've cycled ±500 rounds of 115gr FMJ and 200 rounds of Hornady TAP. I want to up performance my SD ammunition so I purchased Speer 124gr...
  5. P99c failure to feed

    I was wondering if anyone else has had this particular problem. I just purchased this p99c a few weeks ago and I have taken it to the range and put a little over 200 rounds through it. About 4 times in that time I had a failure to feed where the slide would stop about 1/8th of an inch before...