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failure to eject

  1. Walther P22CA: FTE/Failure to Eject Issues

    Brand new P22CA, factory mags. With Winchester ammo 50% of rounds wouldn't eject. With CCI Minimag knock-off from range, 10-20% of rounds wouldn't eject. Spent casing is firmly stuck in place, need to use a barrel rod or my finger nail to pop out brass. Could be the gun just needs to be...
  2. PPQ F.T.E.

    I recently purchased a PPQ from budsgun shop. I shot roughly 50 rounds through it after a applied a few drips of slip 2000 to the slide rails. I shot brand new winchester 9mm ammo in factory mags and I keep having failure to eject about every 10th round. To isolate the problem I removed the mag...