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  1. CCP
    Action stuck open about 1/3, safety blown free from gun. Eventually the action started to hand cycle again. Field stripped, no obvious way to reinstall the safety. Tried to reinstall upper, stuck halfway on/off. There appears to be a bit of metal protruding from the channel where the hammer...
  2. PPS
    before people go all crazy about tulammo let me say this haha... i recently bought my girlfriend an ammo can of 100 rounds for her pps 9 so far her pps has gobbled every single type of 9mm weve tossed in there so we shot up the 100 rounds with one bad primer in the can was the only issue so when...
  3. P99
    I purchased a new old stock P99 from a store. The gun was said to be new and its a gen 1 pistol. The serial number dates it back to 1998! I was stoked about my find as I really wanted the design look of the gen 1. Upon inspecting the internals of the gun, it appeared to be new to me but of...
1-3 of 3 Results