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  1. Just brought my first .22 pistol! I have questions

    hi everyone! I just brought my first .22 pistol and i have a question. ok so, i also have a walther ppq m2, and when i cycle the ammo by racking the slide, it ejects just fine! but when i try to do that with my new p22, the shells dont seem to eject well, like it wont cycle at all, the extractor...
  2. New PPX jammed twice

    Brand new Walther PPX 9mm SD jammed today. I fired the first 2 full magazines with no problems. On third magazine there was a double feed and slide was locked shut, but I managed to get it open. On the next mag, second round fired, but a new round was loaded on top of the old one, the slide was...
  3. Extractor Pics

    Does this extractor look ok?
  4. Intermentant Striker Failure

    First thank you for the time reading the Post. I find myself somewhat concerned over this failure but absolutely love this pistol. PPQ 9mm m2 in a 4in barrel flavor. Now a little background after purchasing this weapon my son did take it to the range and fired 150 rounds thru it before I field...
  5. PPS Extractor Falling Out and Walther Customer Service

    So this is more of a rant more than anything, but way back in the middle of March I was going to unload my PPS before going into the gun show. The gun has about 500 rounds through it and it's the .40. I went to draw the gun out of the holster and pieces of the gun scattered on the ground, and by...