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  1. Need help finding spring

    The Classics
    I recently bought a
  2. Is there an armorer's manual available for the PPS M2?

    Hi, I just ordered a PPS M2 and I was wondering if there is an armorer's manual available for it. I saw a PDF of one for a P99, but I haven't found one for the PPS pistols. Thanks
  3. KKJ safety issue

    Walther Rifles
    Hi everyone, I've bought a nice little KKJ, single trigger model with a 5 rounds magazine. Works nice. I decide to clean it up and ended taking it totally apart. Simple and smooth. Except for the safety button. On the KKJ model it appears that the safety is operated by quite a large clutch that...
  4. P-38 Disassembly for ceracoating

    The Classics
    I have a problem disassembling my P-38. This Sunday, a friend is going to teach me to ceracoat, and to this end, i've chosen my aluminum-frame P-38. I've disassembled it as far as i could with some help from The Peruano's slide disassembly video and Tanfoglio's pictures, but i can't get the...